Zhengzhou Anbo will have a new popularity, ValueHD 4K video is popular

2019-09-23 18:23

The 2018 Central Internet of Things + Expo and the 16th Zhengzhou Anbo Fair ended successfully at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. 600 exhibitors, 25,000m2 booth, attract customers from Henan Province, Shanxi, Hubei, Shaanxi, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces, including dealers, agents, distributors, engineering companies, public security departments, transportation departments, hospitals, schools 37,000 professionals, such as gardens, real estate, factories, etc., have the highest popularity ever!

On the morning of April 3, the queue was full in the early morning.

The 4K video products exhibited by ValueHD are also the first 4K manufacturers launched by the video conferencing industry to provide the most realistic audio and video experience for cloud video conferencing. The unique image of the 4K booth, even the leaders took pictures during the exhibition area of the exhibition area, and also liked to use the ValueHD 4K video booth as the background, and the high level of the lever.

Exhibition leaders took photos with ValueHD 4K video

The video conference is about to enter the new era of 4K. Although it is a security fair, for user units and information integrators, they are not only concerned about security products, but higher-end applications, including high-end video conferencing products and integration. And 4K video products, including 4K USB conference cameras, 4K conference terminals and other video products solutions, not only meet the needs of specialized and specialized information integration, but also high-end atmosphere. With the expectations of channel vendors and OEM brand owners for 4K video, ValueHD is here.

Full range of 4K camera / 4K terminal product solutions are popular

Guests are concentrating on 4K product solutions

At this exhibition, ValueHD displayed a series of ultra-high-definition cameras, such as the 4K camera VX110, with no noise, standard of radio and television, and exclusive for high-end conferences. There is a popular 4K camera VX700, the medium and large conference room cost-effective choice. Auto Focus Camera 4K JX1700U, the industry's first 120 ° wide angle, small meeting room and dual-class classroom preferred. ValueHD's 4K conference terminal VHD-C4 has a 10-core CPU high-performance architecture and is compatible with most conference applications such as ZOOM, Bauhinia Cloud, and 263.

Other high-definition conference terminals, video cameras and other products are readily available. It is not necessary to say that the above picture is good (not limited to these products).

ValueHD main product series introduction

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